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Food Services

In IMU, all food services are provided by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports and our meals are cooked afresh in the healthy and hygienic atmosphere of our campus kitchen by contracted service providers to be served to our students, staff, and guests following routine inspections. Our conditions of contract for the catering services to be offered in our campuses include providing locally grown and healthy products.

Our menus are designed by dietitians to meet the daily calorie and protein needs of our students (a daily average of 1800-2000 kcal for women and 2200-2500 kcal for men) in consideration of seasonal conditions, as well as the harmony and variety of the courses served. Routine inspections for the meals are carried out by the university’s inspection commission, our on-campus food engineer, and another food engineer assigned by the contractor. In addition to the regular menus, a vegetarian menu is also offered in our dining halls. Click here for the monthly lunch menu regularly published on the web page of the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.

Food Stipend

To ensure that our students can easily access our food services in an affordable way, all our students are given an 80 percent discount on the regular lunch prices and each year, 120 students receive a 100 percent food stipend. All registered undergraduate and graduate students of the University may apply for a food stipend.

Campus Kitchen

Our meals that are cooked in the healthy and hygienic atmosphere of our campus kitchen are subjected to calorie and food health certificate inspections in full compliance with the laws. Daily samples are taken from the meals and sent to labs for health checks and approval. Our foods are routinely inspected by on-campus dietitians and food engineers. All our food production and service areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after cooking and food service and are specially disinfected for pest control every month. Our kitchen and service staff are routinely subjected to health checks for infectious diseases.

Dining Halls

The University serves its students and staff with a total of 5 dining halls managed by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. In addition to one dining hall in each of our South, North, Kartal-Cevizli, and Tuzla-Orhanlı campus areas, we also have a fifth one in our Central Library building located in the new Academic Blocks area in the North Campus.

You can view our current lunch prices here.


There are a total of 5 cafeterias on campus, one in each campus area. The cafeterias are run by private contractors, who are subject to the University’s health and price checks. To ensure that our students have access to food with reasonable prices, a price list is announced every year by the University administration for the products sold in the cafeterias. You can view the current price list for the cafeteria products here.