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Scholarships and Stipends

To learn about the tuition fees to be paid by international students, please visit our Tuition Fee page here.

Food Stipend

To ensure that our students can easily access our food services in an affordable way, all our students are given an 80 percent discount on the regular lunch prices and each year, 120 students receive a 100 percent food stipend.

At the beginning of every academic year, the Department of Health, Culture and Sports announces on the University web page the instructions on how to apply for food stipend along with the application form and requirements as per our Food Stipend Regulations. All registered undergraduate and graduate students of the University may apply for a food stipend. The applications are assessed by the relevant commission and the Department of Health, Culture and Sports defines the ID cards of the students who are entitled to food stipend as beneficiaries of the stipend. Click here for more info on the process and the relevant regulations.

Türkiye Scholarships

Türkiye Scholarships offers a range of programs designed for each level of study, providing different forms of support, ranging from full-time degrees to short-term specialized programs as well as tailored and partnered programs for specific target groups.

For more information click here.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Our students can also benefit from scholarships provided by various private institutions.