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THE Asia University Rankings

As one of the most reputable institutions that evaluates higher education achievements globally, Times Higher Education (THE) has announced the results for its Asia University Rankings 2024Istanbul Medeniyet University has been ranked 501-600 in the overall global ranking, while sharing the 30th place with 12 other Turkish universities in the national ranking. IMU scored 48.8 points out of 100 in the Research Quality category, ranking 7th among the public universities in Turkey and 15th in general.

In THE Asia University Rankings 2024, a total of 1127 universities have been assessed globally, of which 739 has been listed, while 75 of the 97 universities assessed from Turkey have been listed in the rankings. As a regional academic performance mapping for the universities in Asia, THE Asia University Rankings uses the same 18 performance indicators as THE World University Rankings, but they are recalibrated to reflect the attributes of Asia’s institutions. In the 2024 THE Asian Universities Ranking, which has introduced significant updates in its methodology, universities have been evaluated according to a total of 18 performance indicators under the categories of Teaching (the learning environment); Research environment (volume, income and reputation); Research quality (citation impact, research strength, research excellence and research influence); International outlook (staff, students and research); and Industry (income and patents).

Please click here for the results of THE Asia University Rankings 2024 and here for IMU’s profile in the rankings.


THE Young University Rankings

In the Times Higher Education Young University Rankings (THE Young University Rankings) 2024which lists the world’s top young universities that are aged 50 years and under, Istanbul Medeniyet University has been ranked 401-500 globally, sharing with 8 universities the 13th rank among all universities ranked from Turkey and the 5th rank among the public universities.

In THE Young Universities Rankings 2024, which has undergone significant updates in its methodology, universities were assessed across a total of 18 performance indicators in five areas: Teaching (the learning environment); Research environment (volume, income and reputation); Research quality (citation impact, research strength, research excellence and research influence); International outlook (staff, students and research); and Industry (income and patents). Among a total of 1171 young universities from all over the world, 673 universities meeting the relevant criteria were included in the ranking, and Turkey was the country with the highest representation rate with 58 universities that fulfill the criteria.

The detailed results show that IMU achieved its highest score in the Research Quality category with 48.8 points and ranks the 11th among the young universities in Turkey and the 3rd among the Turkish public universities listed in this category. In terms of IMU’s success in the ranking areas, the Research Quality category is followed by International Outlook, Teaching, Industry and Research Environment, respectively.

You can access the results of THE Young Universities Rankings 2024 here.

THE World University Rankings

Times Higher Education (THE), the UK-based international higher education rating organization, has published the 2024 World University Rankings (WUR). Istanbul Medeniyet University ranks 1201-1500 globally in the ranking among the 2673 universities from all over the world that have been assessed, and ranks 19th among the 75 universities from Turkey. It is globally ranked 847th in Research Quality, its highest ranked pillar where it is ranked 9th among all Turkish universities and 5th among the public universities in Turkey.

In this year’s WUR methodology, significant changes have been made in the number and relative weights of the performance indicators that form the basis of the ranking. For this reason, although there has been no significant difference in the data of our University in the categories dealing with education, research, internationalization and industry income, it is seen that our University, which steadily ranked 801-1000 for the last two years in the overall ranking, has fallen to the 1201-1500 rank this year, as the weight of Citation impact, which is our strong suit, has decreased by half after the changed methodology. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that our scores in the new main indicators of International Outlook and Research Environment have increased steadily in the last two years, increasing by approximately 5 and 2.5 points, respectively.

Click here for 2024 World University Rankings.


SCImago Institutions Rankings

The 2024 Ranking has been announced for the SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR), which assesses academic and research-related institutions based on three different sets of indicators; i.e., research performance, innovation outputs and societal impact measured by their web visibility. Istanbul Medeniyet University (IMU) ranks 40th in this year’s list containing 140 institutions from Turkey by going up 4 places compared to last year. In the Ranking based on Scopus data, our University ranks 20th in Research among the universities in Turkey. In addition, our University has risen 1460 places compared to last year in Societal Impact. This significant increase in this area is mainly associated with the addition of three new indicators to the SIR 2024 Ranking Societal Factor indicators, namely “generation of new knowledge related to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations”“participation of women in research processes” and “the use of the results obtained in the creation or improvement of public policies” and the prominent initiatives of our University in these fields.

In addition to the overall rankings, SCImago Institutions Rankings 2024 also assessed the scientific performance of universities in 19 different subject areas. In these rankings by subject areas, IMU has made impressive achievements and risen to a leading position in certain areas among global and national universities. In the ranking list by subject areas, IMU is ranked the 1st in Economics, Econometrics and Finance among the universities in Turkey and 155th globally, while in Environmental Science, it is ranked 3rd in Turkey and 446th in the world. On the other hand, in Business, Management and Accounting, it has maintained its 3rd place in Turkey, ranking 753rd in the world.

Some other significant positions that IMU has attained in Turkey in this year’s ranking include the 15th position in Energy, the 18th in Social Science, and the 34th in Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology and Medicine.

You can view the results of SCImago Institutions Ranking 2024 here and IMU’s profile in the Ranking here.

Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities

The March 2024 edition of the Webometrics Ranking of Universities, which evaluates universities from around the world based on the volume, visibility and impact of their web content, has been published. Istanbul Medeniyet University ranked 2280th among more than 11,000 universities from around the world and 55th among 209 universities from Turkey.

In the three performance indicators used in the evaluation of higher education institutions in the ranking, our University ranked 7304th in the world in the Impact Ranking, 1256th in the Openness ranking, and 1833rd in the Excellence ranking.

Click here for the ranking results. 


THE University Impact Rankings

Times Higher Education (THE), one of the leading higher education ranking institutions, has been assessing universities from around the globe in terms of their work toward the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) since 2019 and publishing the results in its “Impact Rankings”. In THE Impact Rankings 2023, Istanbul Medeniyet University (IMU) scored 56 out of 100 and raised its rank to 801-1000 from its last year’s rank of 1001+.

Despite the 12 percent increase in the number of institutions ranked globally in comparison to 2022, IMU achieved great success by increasing its score from 56 5 in 2023 Impact Rankings.  

The number of Turkish universities ranked in 2023 Impact Rankings has also increased by 36 percent since last year. As one of the 79 universities listed from Turkey, Istanbul Medeniyet University applied to 11 of the 17 sustainable development goals for 2023 Rankings as opposed to only four in its first application in 2021. The four categories where IMU has scored the highest according to the index methodology are SDG3-Good Health and Well-Being, SDG8-Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG12-Responsible Consumption and Production, and SDG17-Partnerships for the Goals. The increase in IMU’s overall score is also reflected in its scores for individual SDGs.

IMU has achieved a significant rise in its rank for SDG3-Good Health and Well-Being from last year and rose to 301-400 up from its last year’s rank of 401-600. It also managed to increase its last year’s score of 58.6 to 67.6 this year with its research and education activities and collaborations in health. It has attained great success by being ranked the 6th among Turkish universities.

In SDG8-Decent Work and Economic Growth, IMU has increased its last year’s score of 49.9 to 51.7 this year and maintained its 401-600 rank. It has been ranked the 8th in Turkey in this category.

This year, IMU has applied to SDG12-Responsible Consumption and Production for the first time and has achieved great success by being globally ranked 201-300 in its first year. It’s also been ranked the 10th in Turkey.

IMU has increased its 2022 score of 40.7 to 55.9 in 2023 and successfully rose from its last year’s rank of 1001+ to 601-800 in SDG17-Partnerships for the Goals. It has been ranked the 17th in Turkey in this category.

In addition to these four qualifying SDGs, IMU has also made significant achievements particularly in SDG2-Zero Hunger, SDG10-Reduced Inequalities, and SDG11-Sustainable Cities and Communities by being ranked 401-600 in all.

Click here for the results of THE Impact Rankings 2023 and here for IMU’s ranking profile.


Istanbul Medeniyet University was ranked the 1639th globally and the 33rd among 118 Turkish universities in URAP World Ranking of Higher Education Institutions 2022-2023, which ranks the best 3000 universities in the world.

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Lab of METU has been issuing the “URAP World Ranking of Higher Education Institutions” since 2011 and the 2022-2023 version of the ranking has now been published. As one of the most comprehensive university rankings in the world, the URAP World Ranking assesses the academic performance of 3000 higher education institutions around the globe.

The URAP World Ranking uses the data from Web of Science and InCites databases to assess the performance of 3000 universities with the highest number of publications according to 6 indicators that measure scientific productivity, research quality, and international recognition: Article (21%), Total Document (10%), Citation (21%), Article Impact Total (18%), Citation Impact Total (15%), and International Collaboration (15%).

Istanbul Medeniyet University has clearly been on the rise in URAP World Rankings in the last three years both on a global and national scale. In the 2020-2021 ranking, it was ranked the 1880th among 3000 universities globally and the 42nd among a total of 111 universities listed from Turkey, while it rose 94 ranks up to being the 1786th globally and the 38th among 112 Turkish universities in the last year’s ranking. This year, our university has climbed 147 ranks up compared to its position last year to the 1639th rank globally and assumed the 33rd position among a total of 118 universities from Turkey. As for our rank among the public universities in URAP World Ranking 2022-2023, our university ranks the 28th among a total of 93 public universities listed in the ranking. Furthermore, it has obtained a total score of 212 from all the six academic performance indicators with a 14 percent increase compared to its last year’s score (185.17) and a 30 percent increase compared to its score in the previous year (162.42).

Click here for URAP World Ranking of Higher Education Institutions 2022-2023.


AD Scientific Index

The AD Scientific Index (Alper-Doger Scientific Index) is a ranking and analysis system based on the scientific performance and the added value of the scientific productivity of individual scientists. It also provides rankings of institutions based on the scientific characteristics of affiliated scientists. Using a total of nine parameters, the index ranks individual scientists by 12 subjects and shows the total and the last five-year productivity coefficients of scientists based on the h-index and i10 index scores and citations in Google Scholar. The index includes nearly 210 countries, more than 13,600 universities, and nearly a million academicians.

In AD Scientific Index 2021, Istanbul Medeniyet University ranked 53rd in Turkey, 630th regionally, and 1904th globally with 3 academic staff members ranking among the top 100,000 scientists in the world. Please see here for İstanbul Medeniyet University Scientist and University Rankings in AD Scientific Index 2021.


QS EECA University Rankings

UK-based higher education rating agency QS has announced its “Emerging Europe & Central Asia (EECA) University Rankings” for 2022, which ranks Istanbul Medeniyet University for the first time, in the 251-300 band. In the “citations per paper” indicator as one of the ten indicators used to evaluate the performance of higher education institutions, IMU received 93.5 out of 100 pts, ranking the 18th in the EECA region.

Among all the countries in the region, Turkey and Russia have the greatest representation in this year’s list, which features a total of 66 higher education institutions from Turkey. In the country ranking, IMU shares its global position in the 251-300 band with seven other universities from Turkey.

Aiming to celebrate and track the performance of higher education institutions in the EECA countries, the ranking uses a methodology adapted from the overall QS World University Rankings. QS EECA 2022 rankings were constructed using 10 indicators, including academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty/student ratio, papers per faculty, international research network, web impact, staff with a PhD, citations per paper, international faculty and international students. Among these indicators, IMU has received the highest scores in citations per paper, web impact, and international research network, respectively. Particularly in the “citations per paper” indicator, IMU received 93.5 out of 100 pts, ranking the 18th in the EECA region.

For more info on the QS EECA University Rankings 2022, please visit here.