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Rector’s Message

Dear Students,

Global world has created a whole new body of standards for higher education where only prominent higher education institutions distinguished by their level of knowledge, skills and competence can forge a place for themselves.

Istanbul Medeniyet University is one of the strongest candidates for this new world of standards as an institution that perceives humanity and its physical and natural environment as equal, complementary and indispensable elements of the realm of existence.

Having identified its founding mission as “to build the future of Turkey”, our university has taken significant steps in fulfilling the requirements of this definition through its combination of social sciences, engineering and natural sciences, and health sciences. As part of its “New-Generation Public University” approach, it presents itself to its students, academic community, and other levels of society by three distinguishing qualities:

  • A “competitive” university that designs education and research on the basis of a “mentor-protégé” relationship between students and instructors and trains alumni who can easily adapt to external conditions,
  • An “all-day active” university its education, research, sports, and social facilities,
  • A “social” university that exists by the principle of social responsibility in addition to education-research and entrepreneurship; that is intertwined with, benefits from, and contributes to the society.

With these principles, Istanbul Medeniyet University shows regard to “the priority fields of the near future”. As a nationally and globally competitive university under the conditions of the sophisticated and interwoven real life in the 21st century, it designs its programs to offer basic and specialization education in its 11 faculties, 2 schools, and one institute of graduate studies.

In addition to providing its students with a sound scientific background, it also aims to train self-confident and competitive individuals with strong social interest and bonds.

I invite to join us in Turkey’s “New-Generation Public University” as a proud and excited member of such an institution and salute you with my most heartfelt feelings.

Prof. Dr. Gülfettin Çelik