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Tuition Fees

In Istanbul Medeniyet University and all Turkish universities, higher education is free of charge for Turkish nationals. However, tuition fees apply to foreign nationals and the amounts are determined by the University Senate for every academic year. The amount of tuition fees differs for undergraduate and graduate programs and for each faculty.

Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Programs

Except for the scholarship students of the Türkiye Scholarship Program whose expenses are covered by the government, all foreign undergraduate students admitted through the IMUYOS exam are to pay tuition fees, the amounts of which are announced in the IMUYOS exam announcement published on our website ( in the summer term every year.

Below is the list of tuition fees to be paid by foreign students for 2021-2022 academic year. Please remember that the amounts are subject to change every year and the list is only given to serve as an example.


Faculty Tuition Fee (TL)
Faculty of Medicine 18,569
Faculty of Dentistry 6,698
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences 3,652
Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture 4,597
Faculty of Law 2,760
Faculty of Political Sciences 2,760
Faculty of Health Sciences 2,453
Faculty of Tourism 2,453
Faculty of Education Sciences 2,453
Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2,453

NOTE: The total amount will be paid in two installments for fall and spring semesters.

Tuition Fees for Graduate Programs

Foreign students admitted to the master’s and PhD programs in IMU are to pay a tuition fee for each semester. For information on the amount of tuition fees for thesis master’s and PhD programs, please click here. In non-thesis master’s programs, foreign students pay the same amount with Turkish nationals. For information on fees for non-thesis master’s programs, please click here.